Saturday, December 11, 2010

Paint It Fast, Swatch Yourself

To recap the past month - it was crazy sorry for the delay in updates but we are finally in the settling phases in the new house so now I can focus on the ole blog.  Before we officially moved into the house we decided to paint and carpet the upstairs first.  We figured it would be too much of a headache to have to move out while carpet was installed. So this is how the paint colors came to be in the Cox house.

 I spent the better part of a morning pacing the paint section at Home Depot.  Glidden, Martha Stewart, Behr, Glidden, Behr, Glidden, Martha get the idea.  Travis was already at the new house priming with our brothers so he intrusted me to make the final paint selections for the house.  I picked up and put down so many swatches they started to run together.  Picking paint is not an easy feat.  Colors can be as different as pigment but make all of the difference in the way the light hits the room and since these colors have to stay around a while I had to be as precise as possible.  So here are the colors that made the cut:

-Martha Stewart - Cement Gray (Master Bedroom)
-Glidden - Olivewood (Hallway and foyer)
-Glidden - Soft Sage (Office)
-Behr - Silver Sage (Living Room)
-Behr - Zen (Guest Bedroom)

Luckily enough for us my best friend had the Martha Stewart paint she graciously gave Travis and I since it wasn't the exact color she wanted.  Now that we have all bedrooms upstairs painted it leaves us with the bathrooms, hallway foyer, and the downstairs....whew!