Thursday, November 4, 2010

Case Closed?

It's FINALLY OFFICIAL!  We have closed on our very first house!  A long process but now comes the fun of making this house a home.  We're so excited!

She's not too shabby!  Too give you the low down I'm a person that is not fond of choices.  I need to have just a few choices to narrow it down or I get overwhelmed.  In this case I didn't.  Travis and I had been looking at houses casually for the past few years.  We randomly decided to begin to take the hunt more seriously in August of this year.  I looked at the MLS listings daily and then one day Travis and I decided to just take a little drive around and check out some of the contenders.  Mainly we made drive bys and decided that all were a no go and looked much more promising in the pictures than in person. 

On Labor day Travis and I were headed to family function and happened to be in the area of a few of our other prospective homes.  We didn't find much until Travis remembered this one house that we hadn't thought much of.  The pictures online didn't do much for me but since we were in the neighborhood it couldn't hurt to take a peek.  Needless to say we pulled in the driveway and instantly fell in love.  We knew right then that we had to set up a tour and that this house was the one.

So after touring and falling in love all over again the negotiations began and a month and half later here we are.  We are officially first time home owners and we couldn't be happier.  We are ready to start this new chapter in our lives together and get busy giving new life to this house.

Also if you noticed this post, the house was built in 1974 and looks like a sister house of the Brady bunch.  Peep the stairs and the retro globe chandy.

So that's all for now.  We're back to priming the upstairs for new carpet on Tuesday.  I'm sure you can see that our heads are exploding from idea overload on all of the things we want to do with the house!  We hope you'll join us on our new journey!