Sunday, August 1, 2010

Making Moves

I've finally made the decision to move over to Blogger.  I think it was multiple factors that helped me to make the change.  Let me tell you though, it wasn't easy.  It's like moving from your childhood home.  Ok ok so maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration but it's hard to make a change when you've established your blogging life and it's beginnings elsewhere.  So here are some of the key points that I finally had to come to terms with

1)Creative limitations - when I look at my blog I want to see myself.  I didn't really have that with Wordpress.  There were only so many options to choose from in terms of templates.  Blogger seems to have endless options for keeping things fresh and original.
2)Ease of use - Sure Wordpress isn't bad by any means but I feel that Blogger is slightly easier and I like the layout I'm looking at when I'm composing my posts.
3)Photo insertions - Wordpress seems to be a bit more complicated on this end.  It's nice that you have a gallery of existing photos to select but all in all the photos that you insert to your post sometimes become con jumbled - yes con jumbled - while working on a post.

I guess I've felt that Wordpress seemed to be lacking in the areas that matter most to me.  The customizable options for templates seem to be endless making my "new home" MINE!  I wanted to have something that really felt well real.  So there you have it.  Of course you can always view my old posts at  I will say I'm a bit sad to be leaving but I'm so excited to be able to move to a new platform that I feel my creative juices can flow more freely so to speak. 

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